To be eligible for registration with the Canadian Sport Horse Association, one or both parents must be CSHA registered &/or breeding approved and entered in our stud book. Stallions must also have renewed their breeding license for the year that the mare was bred.
Offspring of stallions with full breeding approval with acceptable registries but not entered in the CSHA studbook may also be eligible for registration. All animals must be DNA typed for entry as breeding stock or for CSHA registration.

In keeping with the position of the World Breeding Federation of Sport Horses, dual registration is not allowed. Horses are registered with one registry / association which provides a ‘birth certificate’ confirming pedigree, date of birth, breeder and owner at birth etc. Identification of mares and stallions with other breed registries as breeding stock is permitted. When approved for breeding they retain their original breed status and receive a Certificate of Breeding Approval with the CSHA.

Forms required:Membership & Registration application, DNA Hair Sample, Breeding Certificate and 4 colour photos. Photos can be hard copy or digital which can be emailed directly to CSHA office.


Horse (SH)

Pony (SP)