RAWF Cup Qualifiers

Start Times: GG Cup Qualifier - 10:00 am, LG Cup Qualifier : not before 1:00 pm


Ontario Qualifiers

Dates: August 31, 2014 & October 5, 2014

Closing Date(s): August 25, 2014 & Sept 29, 2014

Location: Royal Canadian Riding Academy, Newmarket, ON  www.rcra.ca

Contact: Soo Olafsen - 905-649-5603 / sloacres@sloacres.com


August 31, 2014 - Connie Dorsch, Weyburn, SK

October 5, 2014 - Alan Wedge, DeWinton, AB

Bob Henselwood is unable to judge the 2nd qualifier as Jill & Quidam Blue have been invited to an International competition in Brazil at that time.

Eligibility: Registered three year old Canadian Bred, foaled in Canada, suitable to become a Sport Horse defined as a horse that is capable of excelling in the hunter, jumper, dressage or eventing disciplies. Governor General's Cup to be judged in hand - 50% on movement and 50% on conformation/type; Lieutenant Governor's Cup to be judged under saddle - 60% on movement and 40% on conformation/type. Registration papers with breed registry must be submitted at time of entry.

RAWF Governor General's Cup - November 15, 2014

RAWF Lieutenant Governor General's Cup - November 15, 2014


Top 20 Qualifiers  
Governor General's Cup  1st Qualifier                                         Lieutenant Governor's Cup  1st Qualifier   
Owner Horse Placing           Owner Horse Placing
Fieldstone Farm Abbey Road FF 1   Fieldstone Farm Abbey Road FF 1
Theresa Detsikas Just Because 2   Caroline Hawson Constanze II 2
Caroline Hawson Constanze II 3   Stephanie Poupart Dulce de Leche 3
Stephanie Poupart Dulce de Leche 4   Karen Parfitt Wavoom 4
Claire Hunter Braecrest Brandy 5   Robin Ferguson Carrousel 5
Karen Partitt Wavoom 6   Danuta Plug Carisma D 6
Alan Manning Lilly 7  

Tamsyn Kouwenberg

Ransom 7
Cassandra Hupe Sirtenty 8   Nancy Fagan Wysteria Lane 8
Tamsyn Kouwenberg Ransom 9   Alicia Daley-Tiller


Dale Vance All The Aces 10
Leanne Rattray Baccharis 10
Genevieve Trimble Sir Real Nite 11    Claire Hunter Braecrest Brandy 11
Shannon-Lee MacIsaac Caballet 12   Cassandra Hupe Sirtenty 12
Robin Hannah Sunday Girl 13   Jocelyn Duffin Rosher V


Danuta Plug Carisma D 14   Alan Manning Lilly 14
Wilson Equestrian Moxie WEF 15   Robin Hannah Sunday Girl 15
Nancy Fagan Wysteria Lane 16   Genevieve Trimble Sir Real Nite 16
Leanne Rattray Baccharis 17   Naomi Williams Gloria WSH 17
Victoria Franker Moneyback Guarantee 18   Wilson Equestrian Moxie WEF 18
Jocelyn Duffin Rosher V 19   Theresa Detsikas Just Because 19
Naomi Williams Gloria WSH 20   Shannon-Lee MacIsaac Caballet 20
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